The wholesale policies set forth below apply to all wholesale customers (hereinafter “you”) of Boulder Dog Food Company, L.L.C. (hereinafter “we” or “our”). Our wholesale policies are intended to protect the reputation and trademarks of our premium products. By applying for a new wholesale account and/or submitting an order for our products on or after March 5, 2015 you agree to be bound by these policies.

• You may not resell our products to any third party other than a retail customer of your store in the ordinary course of business. Any sales to other third parties require our prior written consent, and we may withhold our consent for any reason.

• You are authorized to sell our products only in your brick-and-mortar store(s). You may not directly or indirectly sell our products on any website or on any third party ecommerce platform including, but not limited to,, eBay or Facebook.

• Certain products might be out-of-stock or subject to quantity order restrictions. These restrictions are set forth on our wholesale website and may be amended from time to time in our sole discretion. We encourage you to check these quantity restrictions before submitting an order on our website or by other means.

• If you submit an order for an amount in excess of the maximum allowed quantity, or for a product that is out-of-stock, we reserve the right to cancel the order in whole or in part. If the order is submitted on our website we will issue, in our sole discretion, either a refund check (minus a 2.9% fee to cover credit card processing costs) or store credit in the amount of the excess amount paid.

• If you wish to copy or use any text, images or content from our website, you must obtain the prior written permission of Ed Withers, Manager.

We reserve the right to: discontinue selling our products to any person or entity that does not adhere to our policies; approve, disable and/or cancel wholesale accounts in our sole discretion; determine and modify from time-to-time our terms and conditions of sales; and to amend our wholesale policies without notice to you.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please feel free to contact Ed Withers, Manager, at (303) 449-2540.

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